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Album Review: The Graduate - Only Every Time

'Only Every Time' sees Illinois' The Graduate starting over with a new label (Razor & Tie) but at the same time carrying on, as the band worked with producer Brian McTernan once again; those who are familiar with McTernan's work (Saosin, Flood of Red, Senses Fail, Emarosa) this is somewhat obvious. Nonetheless The Graduate prove to be a captivating band, with striking freshness. Th opening 'Don't Die Digging' is airy and atmospheric, with its running guitar lines, swirling keys and Corey Warning's confident and dominant voice. Its urgency gives the band sudden momentum, and its overall presentation is welcomed and favourable.

Throughout you'll find light guitar work with the latter and 'Stuck (Inside My Head)' perhaps being the most notable. For some the effects on the guitars might be discomforting, however it gives the bands sound a spine that they build upon through a steady tempo and imprssive vocals.

'Siren' sees the band give a more edgier approach; an overall darker tone that springs to life during its chorus. Whilst 'Make Believe' is more of a straight-rock song with thriving drums, that pound their way through whilst guitars distantly screech and guide the track through to its conclusion.

The band consistently provide moments that deserve your attention for various reasons; 'Pull Me In' could well be a single with its overall light tone, that allows Warning's words to be heard clearly, whilst the bands instrumentation brews in the distance, until they reach their peak and the band sound is anthemic.

By the albums halfway point, the band are in their comfort zone and nicely carry you along for a collection of sweeping, favourable rock songs, with 'Permanent Tourists' providing electronic-led moment that works great and adds to the bands overall dreamy and grand sound. Whilst in the earlier moments the light, echo-y guitars and soaring vocals work well, the later stages of the album seem somewhat repetitive although 'End of the World Delight' still sounds superb and is one of many highlights.

With 'Only Every Time', The Graduate have provided a neat, decent collection of songs that are structured well together, with its achilles heal being that the effected guitar sound is at times over use, but at the same time does not dominate therefore giving it a good balance.


'Only Every Time' by The Graduate is released on August 31st through Razor and Tie Records.

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