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Album Review: Safety Word Orange - On Your Mark, Get Set...

Although Fall Out Boy may have broken up, and Blink 182’s lack of new music is frustrating, that doesn’t mean that Pop Punk has to be forgotten about. In fact, there is an underground scene that’s getting closer and closer to exploding everyday, and there are bands awaiting their chance to be the next leaders. Bands like Safety Word Orange.

Safety Word Orange’s EP 'On Your Mark, Get Set..' is a modern pop-punk extravaganza, with enough hooks and riffs to catch even the most uninterested of ears.

'Never Enough' starts off the EP the right way. With mammoth guitars and melodic vocals, you’re quickly grabbed by the overly powerful and authoritative sonic energy of this beginning track. While the lyrics may be slightly overdramatic, there is a maturity to word choice and vocal style unfound in most modern pop-punk bands. 'Never Enough' is a perfect introduction to Safety Word Orange due to its multiple tempo changes, which the band transitions through perfectly.

Keeping form, 'Another Face In The Crowd' makes perfect use of its predecessor’s power by taming it, and transforming the EP’s vibe enough to keep the listener entertained. Employing lyrical influence, lines like “I need a girl that puts me to the test, who understands the art and science of playing chess undressed” and “and you outta know this should mean everything, but it don’t” shapes the track into the teen angst anthem it tries so desperately to be. And while it may begin to loose its flair towards the end (which can be blamed to its similar nature to 'Never Enough'), its followed by the stand-out track 'Follow Suit'.

'Follow Suit' deserves praise of the highest form. With its almost 180 switch in style, it is a fine example of intelligent pop-punk, that seeks appreciation. There’s the smart guitar licks, and the swift overlapping rhythm containing all the right elements; harmony, timing, and duality, while being complementary. Unlike the other songs, it doesn’t depend on overused broken heart lyrics, it is it’s own little short story of a traveling salesman and not being believed in. It’s questionable if that is actually about, but the lyrics leave enough room to be interpreted by the listener.

'Fiending' and closing track 'Half Way In Love By The Time We Sat Down' are both quintessential pop-punk tracks, with the catchy choruses and pounding drums which made pop punk such a fun genre in the first place. Although the tracks may be similar to the rest of the EP, they’re different enough to keep them from being interchangeable. They make 'On Your Mark, Get Set..' a full and complete EP. The EP may only be the start for Safety Word Orange, but it is in the no way another collection of old school rip offs. 'On You Mark, Get Set...''s progressive flair mixed with time-tested themes, is a perfect example of why pop punk can, and will continue on for generations and generations.


On Your Mark, Get Set... by Safety Word Orange is available now.

Safety Word Orange on PureVolume.

Xan Mandell

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