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Album Review: Hold Your Horse Is - Rammin' It Home

Hold Your Horse Is are clear about their influences, harbouring the honesty and fury of Reuben, the brutal energy of Million Dead and the catchy hooks of Hundred Reasons. These three lads were clearly raised on a good music scene; however this inspiration has been crafted into their own sound, which frankly is the musical equivalent to a 13-year-old kid. Never content with one tempo they bounce around hysterically, creating one of the most exciting and energetic EP’s you’ll hear this summer.

Free digital download single ‘You Show Up’ begins proceedings, it’s incredibly raw, fast paced and with great punchy guitar riffs is a clear indication of the bands intent to create music to move to. The drums on ‘Mackerel Jason’ are hit with such aggression and make this second track a corker. With quintessentially British vocals which although aren’t exactly perfect help to add a sense of unrefined rawness to the EP that feels just right.

The pulsating rhythm of ‘Non-Stop Physical Training Track’ never settles on a tempo, choosing rather to stir frantically with the backing of some expertly crafted bass lines, making it an essential live choice. ‘Starts And Ends’ opening lyrics "Don’t accuse me of knowing too much, I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough" are reminiscent of the outright angst of Reuben and being just over two minutes is a short burst of fun.

Fifth track ‘Casual’ begins by drawing you into a false sense of lull, with the delicate twang of guitar and softer vocal delivery, but before long the drums kick in and it escalates into a UK post-hardcore beast of a track. With an outburst of instrumental rage which is what this band does so well, making more noise than you’d think possible for a three piece. Last track ‘Welcome To Obscurity’ has some of the best riffs on the EP, creating something purely crafted to dance to. Playing out with the screams of "you’re wrong, I am right" seems like the only way to end the accurately named ‘Rammin’ It Home’.

Clocking in at less than 30 minutes long this EP could feel like it has raced past you, but with the amount of catchy choruses and effortlessly crafted riffs it’s not exactly easy to forget. If you like your music fast, fun and erratically energetic then you’d be a fool to let this gem evade your ears.


'Rammin' It Home' by Hold Your Horse Is is released on Big Scary Monsters on August 23rd.

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