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Person L's Kenny Vasoli Robbed in New York

Over the weekend Person L's Kenny Vasoli had several pieces of equipment stolen in New York.

Vasoli posted the following statement:

"Hello Friends, I’m looking for your help. This past Friday (8/6), after playing a show at Bowery Electric in NYC, my car’s window was busted out and both of my electric guitars and all of my pedals were stolen. My car was parked on E 2nd St and 1st ave. I know its a long shot but I am asking the public for help. Here is a full description of what was taken:

-Fender Classic Jazzmaster s#-MZ8043253 (black body w/ brown shell pickguard) in a black hardshell case. This one also had a buzz-stop installed and was wearing a white strap that has a flower patch stitch on it (that strap was screwed on tight with washers so chances are it still has it on)

-Fender Telecaster Deluxe s#-MZ6009753 -Mexican Reissue (brown body w/ black pickguard) in a tweed hardshell case. This one had a small sticker of a blurry black and white photo underneath the bridge (could easily be taken off.) Was wearing a white strap with white DiMarzio Cliploks (the female clips wear also screwed on like a motherfucker so will most likely still have them)

-Pedaltrain pedal board in a beat up black pedal case with lots of tape around the handle.

-Electro-Harmonix Classic USA Big Muff PI Distortion pedal

-Line 6 DL-4 delay pedal

-Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner Pedal

Again, I know its a long shot hoping to retrieve any of this gear, but I can’t just lay down and do nothing. If you have any information or if you can find this gear on Craiglist or elsewhere please email me at Thank you for taking the time!

Love, Kenny Vasoli"

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