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Album Review: Goodbye Good Sense - EP Teaser

It’s common for bands to instantly draw similarities within their genre, but Chicago five-piece Goodbye Good Sense take this to the extreme. You instantly feel at home within ‘Teaser’, however this is due to it sounding like a lot of bands that have come before them, and it’s hard to actually find the band themselves within these 3 tracks.

‘Escapist’, the opening track to this debut EP sounds like it has been taken straight off Funeral For A Friends ‘Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation’. Luckily second track ‘Simple Strides’ gives you a taste for Goodbye Good Sense themselves; it’s full of neat post hardcore riffs, well placed harmonies and strong clean vocals that make for something instantly appealing, not just for its obvious influences, however inspiration has sadly bled over into duplication for most of the 12 minutes of this EP.

‘We Become Criminals’ brings ‘Teaser’ to a close in the fashion it begun and I’m hard pressed to think of anything interesting to say about this band. If you like Thrice, Funeral For A Friend, Circa Survive and Finch and want an EP that sounds like a throwback to each of them, then this will be your favourite EP of the year. However if your keen on progression and development of genres then don’t rush to their Myspace. To wrap it up these are clearly talented musicians and if they were to escape from their ITunes then something interesting could come out. But I for one wouldn’t risk holding my breath.


'EP Teaser' by Goodbye Good Sense is available now.

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Connor O’Brien

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