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Album Review: These Waves - These Waves EP

When you think of Derby, middle England, the last thing that comes to mind aside from Derby County football team and it being central to the British industrial revolution in the 17th century is a young and very talented post hardcore band, but These Waves are just that. Their second self-titled EP has all the ruff riffage of a great post hardcore outfit, with just enough angular rhythms and off kilter beats along with some quintessentially British charm to add something new to the mix.

‘Consolation Prize’ eases you in with pop tinged melodies and some great math rhythms that keep you on your toes. This isn’t your stock post hardcore band; it’s a progression on clear influences that delivers a recognisable sound at its core, with all the added flair of young and exciting musicians, making this sound so new and fresh.

‘These Questions Need No Answers’ soars and skips about, backed by obscure edgy beats making it a highlight of the EP. The three tracks just don’t feel enough though, which is clearly a good thing as ‘Waiting Game’ steals the show. The two guitarists craft intricate disjointed riffs that are neatly held together by complicated rhythms that just manage to hold together, with strong melodies and great vocals harnessing it all in.

This EP is an example of why I love British bands, and I’ve been lucky to review some corkers the past few months. There’s a certain charm that comes along with These Waves and with their EP being available for free via Bandcamp you’d be a fool not to check these lads out.


'These Waves EP' by These Waves is available now through Bandcamp.

<a href="">Consolation Prize by These Waves</a>

Connor O’Brien

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