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Album Review: Mega Games - Let in These Hands to Hold

Mega Games’ 'Let in These Hands to Hold' starts off alright, then promptly nose dives into an infinite abyss of trash.

The reason that opening track 'Oh My Giddy Days' gets a bad wrap during the first listen is mostly due to its uncomplicated, linear music. Simple but fast drum hits hang heavy over the fast paced acoustic guitar, making 'Let in These Hands to Hold' an adequate example of folk punk. Give the spin a couple spins though, and you’ll find these short musical moments where the song really works, whether it’s due to the accordion melody over everything or the gang vocals.

'Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time' is easily the worst song on the album, maybe even of the past few years. It’s shaky tempo changes and overuse of the accordion make it sound more like a drunken rant, recorded on Garage Band late one drunken night. While it tries hard to be an emotional expression, the message gets lost in expression. With what seems like 7 different instruments all going at a slightly different tempo, digging your heels in to this song becomes impossible beyond belief. And just when you think off tempo’d songs were finished, 'I Used to Think That Dinosaur Was Cute' speeds itself on, and instantly drives you insane. Literally every instrument in the intro is off tempo.

Off tempo music has never been accepted by the human brain. Music hopefully should contain some sort of structure, some sort of symmetry. There should be camaraderie between the instruments. Yet, Mega Games seems to believe the opposite, and prove this again in 'This Shit’s Chess, it Ain’t Checkers'. The accordion and guitar are yes, more in time, yet, they still are a little off. And it’s that small bit that makes you keeping asking “wait, is this in time, or isn’t it?” It’s this questioning while listening that truly takes away from the EP.

'Let in These Hands to Hold' is a perfect example of why talent and rhythm is a requirement to making music, without rhythm and talent, you’ve got mush, not music.


'Let in These Hands to Hold' by Mega Games is available now through Something Honest To Dance To.

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Xan Mandell

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