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Album Review: - MTFU or GIP

Kingston’s have been kicking around for quite a while now, seemingly playing every half-decent support to pass through their Surrey hometown but never really making a mark elsewhere. This, their first EP proper, is bursting with ideas and enthusiasm however it does give the impression of a band trying to run before they can walk somewhat.

Influences are easy to pin down on 'MTFU or GIP'; Tubelord, early Biffy Clyro and the works of the Kinsella brothers are all obvious reference points but the addition of female vocals prevents the 5 songs on this EP from sounding entirely derivative. However it is mistakes.animations emulation their heroes that is their ultimate undoing. Songs like 'Maps And Maps And Maps' starts promisingly enough but suffered from an overlong outro that fails to land the killer blow to make it a truly cracking song.

This is the case throughout the record as while each song has very good parts, be it a riff or vocal melody, they are bogged down in superfluous samples, additional instrumentation or mid song guitar freakouts that detract from the obvious quality of the songs. Also the addition of a cover of This Town Needs Guns as a secret track, while lovely, smacks of an injoke gone too far.

Make no mistake (sorry) are a good band and this is a good record. However to become a great band who release great records they need to trim the fat a bit and concentrate on writing songs that are less a sum of their influences and more straight up belters.


'MTFU or GIP' by is released on September 6th through This Is Not Revolution Rock.

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