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Album Review: Miss May I - Monument

Miss May I may be mistaken for a myriad of other bands trying to make their way out of the available bouquet. However, for the most part, their album “Monument” is everything you'd expect from a metalcore outfit lacking any real ambition towards experimenting. The majority of the tracks are ready-made cannons of pace loaded with enough screams to fill an 80's slasher film (i.e. “Answers”, “Our Kings”, “Relentless Chaos”).

On the other hand, when the band decide to delve into melodic sections, they create a sound similar to that of Scary Kids Scaring Kids, which is never a bad thing. A track like “Masses Of A Dying Breed” packs lots of punch but resonates with more ease as the melodic parts bring out some distinctive vocal work that isn't always evident from the other songs. “Creations” also stands out by combining the relentless thrashing of most of their album and adding some sweet vocal harmonies in a surprisingly beautiful mid-section.

The band even give a try at full-on softness during “In Recognition”. While charming and different, it does end up feeling out of place. On the other end of the spectrum, title track “Monument” strongly defines their metalcore street credibility with a track that was presumably created breakdown over breakdown with an healthy handful of shredding to make for a song of planet-destroying abilities.

Certainly, Miss May I aren't breaking any boundaries here, but if you haven't yet got beef with the everlasting, neverchanging, metalcore genre, then Miss May I do provide half an album of interesting tracks, and another half of forgettables that will soothe your withdrawal symptoms.


'Monument' by Miss May I is available now on Rise Records.

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James Berclaz-Lewis

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