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Exclusive Interview: Daytrader

Sometimes, some good can come out of bad situations, and this is definitely a perfect example to go by. When Long Island heroes, Crime In Stereo, decided to call it a day, in August 2010, it left a temporary hole in the scene, until now. Shortly after the band released their official statement, it was mentioned that bassist, Gary Cioni, had started a new band (along with members of: Bridge and Tunnel, The Motorcycle Industry, Latterman and Divider.) A few weeks later, after releasing a string of demos, they were already being dubbed a "buzz" band.

In their first interview, Daytrader guitarist, Gary Cioni, spoke to Alter The Press exclusively about: how the band originally came together, the response to the band so far, signing to Run For Cover Records, their debut release and more.

Alter The Press: How did the band get together?
Gary Cioni (guitar): Daytrader first started writing in June of 2010. At first it was just Pat (Schrammand, drums) and I writing a bunch of songs and feeling each other out musically. Tym (vocals) is a good friend of mine and we had been talking about starting a band together for years so it worked out rather nicely. After a few weeks of writing Pat brought Jon (Murray, bass) into the band to play bass and about a month after that Mike (Weiss, guitar) joined the band.

ATP: Was it just a coincidence that Crime In Stereo and The Motorcycle Industry were breaking up around the same time?
Gary: 100% coincidence. Daytrader formed and had started writing before the Crime In Stereo break-up and I had actually had never even met Mike until he came over my apartment one day to jam on some of the songs Pat and I had written. The meeting was arranged through a mutual friend who played drums for The Motorcycle Industry to whom I had mentioned that my new band was still in need of another guitarist.

ATP: How would you describe the band's sound in your own words?
Gary: That's tough. If I had to describe it to someone I would say its reminiscent of emo/punk/rock whatever you want to call it that was being done around the turn of the century.

ATP: With Pat still being in Bridge and Tunnel, will it effect Daytrader's touring/recording commitments?
Gary: It's tough to say because it hasn't been an issue at all as of yet. We'd never write or record without Pat but if he couldn't do a tour due to commitments with Bridge and Tunnel we'd be open to playing with a fill-in if necessary.

ATP: Were you expecting such a response from fans when the announcement was made about Daytrader?
Gary: Honestly, no we were not. We could not be happier about everyone's enthusiasm though!

ATP: It's still early days but have you been approached by any labels as of yet?
Gary: Yes, we have been talking to a handful of labels. We have decided to work with Run For Cover records. Jeff (Casazza, owner of RFC) and I have been friends for a while and I have always been a big fan of everything RFC so the decision was not hard to make.

ATP: You've just announced a handful of East Coast dates. Do you have plans to bring Daytrader overseas?
Gary: The short answer to that question is yes. The when/where/how of it however is still a ways down the road.

ATP: Have you decided whether you'll be writing/recording an EP or a full-length as the first release?
Gary: We will be releasing a 7"/EP on Run For Cover in early 2011.

ATP: What can we expect from Daytrader by the end of 2010/early 2011?
Gary: You can expect to see more tour dates, maybe some tours. We are still in the process of figuring this out to be honest but you can expect to see us working hard in 2011.

Daytrader's new demo can be downloaded for free here.

<a href="">demo by Daytrader</a>

Daytrader on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

- Jon Ableson

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