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Album Review: Pegasus Bridge - While We're Young

Manchester's Pegasus Bridge have been gradually a good following since releasing their double a-side 'Yoko/Paris' last December. In addition they've received nationwide radio airplay via BBC Radio One and played the stations 'Big Weekend' event. 'While We're Young' fits the LAB Records mould well; fun, upbeat and well-crafted.

Recent single 'Ribena' kickstarts the album with a strong showing of the bands indie pop; quirky keys dominate the verse whilst the bands ability to write brilliant hooks is on show; "But now I drink coffee, not just Ribena. And I like it, I like it". Its quick and straight to the point. From there on in, the band keep up the momentum with aforementioned 'Yoko' following next. Ed Turner's vocals wrap round the bands bouncy rhythm, that you can't help but move too. Like 'Ribena' it'll leave you with a smile on your face, as Pegasus Bridge have this brilliant skill of writing superb pop songs.

'Like Dogs' is a more calmer PB, that explodes with a radiant glow in the chorus; its structure has been credited for this. While 'While We're Young' is a more pop-rock number and sounds familiar to Futures' output from earlier this year. With its good tempo, subtle keys and thriving bass line adds to the albums consistency and overall feel-good vibe. Whereas 'Violence' is an airy, well-produced track that struts along with a warming vibe.

The concluding Paris' is pure brilliance, with Turner's sincere vocals blend in well with the bands tight, powerful sound that allows his words to breathe before the gradual build up, where the bands radiant, bright sound brings home the track and mini-album. It ends on a high, as Pegasus Bridge have crafted a record that is filled with sensible and enjoyable indie pop songs, that has the right balance.

'While We're Young' is structured brilliantly well and Pegasus Bridge do not out-stretch themselves musically, as they've used their skills and knowledge to the best of their ability. Given the right time and place, Pegasus Bridge could become a big deal over the next twelve months.


'While We're Young' by Pegasus Bride is released on November 1st through LAB Records.

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Sean Reid

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