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Album Review: Athletics - Why Aren't I Home?

Every once in awhile an album comes along and truly blows you away. 'Why Aren't I Home?' is one of those albums, as from the opening moments Athletics manage to draw you in with their brand of post-rock/alt-rock, that is captivating from the start. A steady build leads to a radiant explosion made up of pounding drums, soaring vocals and brilliant chord progression.

Throughout the New York five-piece leave you hooked, as their sound is grand and brings a momentous feeling which ultimately sounds refreshing for a somewhat tired genre. Tracks like 'See You On The Other Side' and 'Jordan' are founded on raw emotion, which is passionately poured out by Garrett Yaeger. Whilst structurally the band have crafted each song to near perfection, as the lighter, more post-rock moments are comforting and mesmerizing (see 'Speaking For Everyone' and timed ideally to contrast with the bands brash, emotionally rock. It all flows nicely together and enables the band to takes the listener on a journey, that leaves you feeling astonished.

As a complete work its unbelievable, but equally there are stand out tracks including the title track, as well as 'I Am Withdrawal' and the soaring instrumental track, 'Lullaby'. Throughout the drums pulsate and at times dominate, whilst the intriguing guitar work breathe life to the albums quieter moments and along with Yaeger's vocals, Athletics are a powerful tour de force of post-rock that is refreshing, rare and captivating.

Athletics deserve all the praise they receive for 'Why Aren't I Home?', as it is simply that album that does not disappoint from start to finish.


'Why Aren't I Home?' by Athletics is available now through Deep Elm Records.

Athletics on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Sean Reid

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