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Album Review: Memphis May Fire - Between the Lies

Admittedly the screamo/post-hardcore genre is one where it is hard to identify from one band to the next, unfortunately this is a problem Memphis May Fire find themselves in. Their latest release, 'Between the Lies' hits all the right marks; heavy, sleek riffs, pounding drums and aggressive vocals. Although as the opening 'Be Careful What You Wish For' shows, the band are able to pull off a (quite) catchy chorus and it shows Matt Mullins is able to pull off good clean and "screamo" vocals. Although the subtle electronic effects are slightly disrupting, the band manage to kick off the EP well enough.

'Action/Adventure' is a more aggressive take on the latter but its nothing we've heard before; fast, energetic and with the standard breakdowns. Whereas 'Vaulted Ceilings' is somewhat surprising but ultimately doesn't work the bands style. Sustained guitar lines mixed with electronic effects at a slow tempo that drags a little, whilst at the same time you're waiting for the track to kick in but the band leave it too late. Whilst its appreciative the band have tried to experiment, ultimately it sounds out of place.

'Deuces Las Cruces' wakes the EP with sharp guitars and plenty of screams. In addition the clean vocals in the chorus are pulled off well and welcomed. Whereas 'Gingervitus' is more of the same, with its bright, favourable chorus.

Whilst Memphis May Fire don't reinvent the genre, 'Between the Lies' is a release that has the potential to win over new fans and is a record that, after a few listens, becomes pretty favourable. Purely because you more or less know what you're getting with a band like Memphis May Fire; aggressive, driving rock that sees a band that outstretch themselves in any shape or form.


'Between the Lies' by Memphis May Fire is available now on Bullet Tooth.

Memphis May Fire on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and Purevolume.

Sean Reid

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