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Alter The Press! Presents: Attention Thieves

Reading's Attention Thieves are honest and true themselves; "a straight-up rock band." No fancy gimmicks or electronic effects, just four guys in a band making rock music. Formed in 2009 and led by Alex Green, formerly of The Arusha Accord, the band have being play numerous shows throughout the UK, and have been developing their brand of edgy, raw sound which has resulted in the band working with producer Adam Whittaker (Mark Ronson, Kate Nash) on their recent single, 'Broken Promise'.

With infectious energy and superb hooks, Attention Thieves are set to continue their rise.

For Fans Of: Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro , Queens of the Stone Age and Ghost of a Thousand.

Alter The Press: Why should Alter The Press! readers check you out?
Attention Thieves: We’re a straight up rock band! We play loud with a lot of energy and mix melodic hooks with an equal measure of pounding instruments and rawkus vocals. We don’t use any electronics or backing tracks, so what you hear on record is what you will hear live, which can make us stand out from the crowd in the current climate. So if you like in your face music then come and check us out!

ATP: What's the story behind the band?
AT: We all went to school together and played in various bands with each other, so we knew that everyone was a good solid musician and decent to work with, but this is the first time that we have all been in the same band together. Once we started to write and gig as a unit things just started to click and whatever chemistry had been missing in other projects was clearly abundant in this band.

ATP: Single highlight as a band so far?
AT: We love playing gigs, as you’d expect, and one of the best shows would have to be our label, Eden Music’s Showcase gig. We had a load of our mates packed in the venue and to see everyone going a bit crazy was great and we just played a really good show and rocked out.

ATP: What are your plans for the 12 months?
AT: We just want to be doing more of what we’ve been doing, we are going to write a lot more material and rearrange our set over the next few months as well as hopefully putting out a new single at the start of next year. We will of course be gigging ourselves rotten as well as having a few big opportunities in the pipeline as well.

Attention Thieves on MySpace, Twitter and Facebook.

Sean Reid

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