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Alter The Press! Presents: Djevara

Currently in the middle of a UK tour, London alt-rock trio Djevara have making a name for themselves on their own and have been doing everything DIY. With a style that is influenced by Tool and Fugazi, tracks like '20/20' are progressive, intense and equally calm and chaotic. Nonetheless they are unafraid to cross into other genres and are willing to experiment from time to time, however they consistently stick to their underground roots, an attribute which is both appreciative and captivating.

Since forming Djevara have played shows with Skindred, Pitchshifter, Lostprophets and numerous festivals, as well as forming their own label (Genin Records). This enthralling trio are set to continue receiving critical acclaim, with the release of their record 'The Rising Tide (Part 2) : Hear No Evil' in January.

For Fans Of:Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Refused, Fugazi and Deftones.

Alter The Press: Why should Alter The Press! readers check you out?
Djevara: Djevara prides itself in being unmistakably British in tone yet internationalist in outlook, 100% DIY and independent, intensely heavy and yet unafraid of sensitivity, unafraid to take a political stance even in a cynical climate, and embracing every positive alternative influence from post-hardcore to progressive alternative rock. We firmly believe rock music is best experienced live, but have no time for any of that "rock star" nonsense - we're just people who try to make intelligent music as a means of expressing how we feel about the world as we see it and our experiences within that. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check us out.

ATP: What's the story behind the band?
Djevara: The band started at university as a reaction to what seemed like thousands of Brit-pop/indie copycat bands at the time, gathering musicians with little to no musical experience but a love of punk, metal and alternative rock and wishing to stir things up a bit. The band went on to become a stalwarts of the London alternative scene, organising events such as Scumfest (in association with a certain best-selling rock UK rock magazine) and Freedom Festival as well as starting our own label, Genin Records, to document the breadth of mostly overlooked talent in the a particular corner of the London underground (including ELEPHANT vs LEOPARD, CLAYPIGEON and THUMPERMONKEY LIVES!). The band have released three albums (including the newest), been on several UK and European tours and festivals, played along with other UK bands such as Skindred, Pitchshifter, Lostprophets and despite an abrasive, non-commercial sound enjoyed national radio airplay. In over 400 live shows we've had every sort of adventure from being chased by gun-wielding German cops to being stranded up Austrian mountains, to playing Anarchy festivals in abandoned mines in France... and we've embraced every minute.

ATP: Single highlight as a band so far?
Djevara: The answer to that is always "The last Tour". We just came back from a fantastic tour of Europe, taking in cities from Berlin to Prague. Being able to play all across the UK and Europe to all sorts of people, often across many cultures and language barriers, and yet be so accepted is a real privilege and we'll always be grateful that our music gives us the opportunity to do that.

ATP: What are your plans for the 12 months?
Djevara: Mainly promoting the new record... after some shows this November in support of Babar Luck, we're doing some shows in Northern Ireland and Scotland in February, plenty of gigs in England, and then followed by a European tour in April and then as many festivals as will have us in the summer. It's gonna be all about getting out and kicking it live.

'The Rising Tide (Part 2) : Hear No Evil' by Djevara is released on January 24th.

Djevara on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Bandcamp.

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