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The Dangerous Summer Release Statement About VersaEmerge US Tour

The Dangerous Summer have released a statement in relation to the band dropping of VersaEmerge's current US tour.

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"So for the people who are open to the truth here it goes. We normally play 7 songs each night, this is nothing new… adds up to be about 23 minutes in length… we were usually allotted about 30 minutes sometimes maybe just 25. Right before we were about to play our last song the tour manager for VE comes on stage and tells us to get off right then and there, no saying goodbye, no last song, nothing… so we do. Bryan and I went upstairs to the green room to get our catering and eat it… while eating we were discussing how lame it was that our set was cut off AGAIN (this happened countless times on tour and only to TDS, none of the other bands were ever effected) Members of VE will actually openly admit that they cut our set simply because they (their manager and tour manager mainly) don’t like us, and also say that NONE of the other bands on the tour like us either… whatever… blah blah. While Bryan and I are eating their bassist (cant say I even learned his name) decided to jump into our conversation (screaming) saying that we are “ungrateful pieces of shit”, saying that “no one likes our band” saying that “we don’t make any money” he went on for a while and I continued to eat… being that I don’t really listen to people who are in bands that sacrifice dignity. After a while I was just disgusted, he ruined my meal… so I tried to leave the room and as I left I said “enjoy playing for 12 year olds” since that is the general age of their fans… its nothing to be ashamed of (actually yes it is). THIS IS WHEN HE THREW THE BOTTLE, missed of course being that he was drunk, angry, frustrated, etc etc. Threatened to kick my ass and had me cornered in the room. I made sure to put my hands on my hips and look as feminine as possible, to humor myself mainly. The tour manager for VE runs upstairs, pushes me against the wall and tells me to leave… that was fine with me, but Bryan wasn’t really ok with the whole violence thing.. so he pulled him off of me. This is when their bassist desperately jumped on Bryans back, hoping to take him down (yeah, not really going to happen). I guess this is when VE, their manager and their tour manager decided to make up the story that I was talking shit and then punched someone in the face… if you knew me youd know I would never hit anyone unless I truly had to protect myself or someone else. As I was leaving the venue I was explaining to everyone what exactly happened and everyone else in VE just told me not to worry about it and that hes just stressed that he has a kid on the way. I can understand the stress of expecting a child and his words can be forgiven but threats and violence against me and my band is not something I am willing to put myself, my band and my fans around. Hope you all can understand.

Sorry for the horrible grammer, I didn’t really want to invest too much time into this. Just wanted to explain what happened, plain and simple.



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