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Album Review: Plain White T's - Wonders of the Younger

Plain White T's could be considered to be in an unfortunate situation, they've been cursed by the "one-hit wonders" syndrome. 'Hey There Delilah' was first released five years ago but its worldwide mainstream exposure has left a cloud on the Illnois group. Even more unfortunately the post-breakthrough album, 2008's 'Big Bad World' killed the bands momentum and saw them disappear off the radar in some circles.

Nevertheless 'Wonders of the Younger' is no "comeback" record but more one that sees a band finding their feet again; a blend of sensible pop-rock numbers mixed with slightly more loose, playful ones. Opening tracks like 'Irrational Anthem' and 'Boomerang' set the pace with a bouncy tempo and catchy hooks.

Whilst recent single, 'Rhythm Of Love' provides favourable breezy, laid back moment that seems to suit the band well. However much like the pop-rock genre itself, 'Wonders of the Younger' does have its predictable moments; 'Broken Record' and 'Map Of The World' are your standard mediocre pop-rock that has been dozens of times before.

The "stereotypical ballad" comes in the shape of 'Our Song', although lyrically it does not step out of its comfort zone, the band have pulled it off and its clear they know what they're doing. On the other end is 'Airplane', a dull, twinkling acoustic number that dosen't seem to go anywhere but downhill.

'Make It Up As You Go' is helplessly fun with its feel-good vibe and 'Cirque Dans La Rue' precedes it in a similar fashion. Nevertheless stretching at nearly 50 minutes, 'Wonders of the Younger' in places seems to crowded with some tracks serving merely as filler. However its good points means it has a solid foundation, but the weaker moments spoil any consistency the record has.

As said previously Plain White T's have re-positioned themselves and perhaps with this record stopped from being written off as a one trick pony. Despite its flaws, 'Wonders of the Younger' is a step in the right direction and breathes new life into the band.


'Wonders of the Younger' by Plain White T's is availble now on Hollywood Records

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