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Since starting 5 years ago, Brides have gone to sign for Visible Noise and played the 2009 Download festival. However 2010 has been a struggle for the band with two members leaving. Nevertheless the trio are ready to soldier on with a new EP and UK tour alongside The Perfect Crime planned for 2011.

With a style that is influenced by the likes of Hot Water Music and Coheed & Cambria, Brides' progressive post-punk sound proves to abusive, powerful and driven by emotion. Add to that good structures and decent riffs and Brides quickly become one of the exciting UK bands right now.

Along with plans for new material and shows set to be delivered in abundance, Brides are certainly set to make a name for themselves in 2011.

For Fans Of: Coheed & Cambria, Hot Water Music, Face to Face and Against Me!

Alter The Press: Why should Alter The Press! readers check you out?
Brides: Well it would be great if they checked us out, but its up or people to make up their own minds really! I think if your a fan of a few bands like Hot Water Music, Face to Face, Coheed & Cambria, Sights & Sounds, plus a whole bunch of Sixities & upwards music etc; you'd be down with it. We still try to write songs that carry a certain amount of originality & personal reference, which I find hard to catergorize, but the songs are well written so that they flow and stay concurrent on a theme, something found lacking before on the previous record; a certain familiarity. We think people will be more keen on getting into the songs & enjoying the live show more, its also alot more enjoyable for the people in our band to play, which is a pretty important factor too! So yeah the gist is; come see us play & make up your own mind! We're touring in January with a band called The Perfect Crime, so come to a show!

ATP: What's the story behind the band?
Brides: The story behind the band is a long winding road like in most bands, it all started out about 5 years ago in college, we were under a
slightly different name then, did a release on a small label, we then later on shortened our name to Brides and released an EP called 'High Charity'. We played that record for a year or so while in the meantime writing further music for another CD. Our first vocalist Beaver left just as we were finishing the writing for our CD, 'Ocular Unveil'. We asked our housemate at the time Max to join, that happened, we'd already by this point recieved interest from a few decent UK labels, but opted with what seemed like the best deal in Visible Noise. Going on from that we did a couple of tours, had our record released, recieved a bunch of decent press which was cool & were lucky enough to play at Download 2009, which was fantastic.

Since then we toured a couple more times, while struggling to move on with our next CD, the months after that aka mainly 2010, was the start of a downfall for the band, Jon lost his passion for playing music & went ahead with his graphic design career, I guess Max decided after covering vocals in Deaf Havana that he no longer had any interest in the band as well as for other reasons. Subsequently ,they both left at the same time. Since then, after making the hard decision to carry on under the idea of Brides, we have started to accomplish alot, our new addition & drummer for the band, Mike, is awesome/a legend & since having him in we have written a new EP which will be out for 2011, that will lead onto an album. We plan on doing a fair few more shows now that the situtution is more financially viable for us, but thats pretty much the whole story up to now

ATP: Single highlight as a band so far?
Brides: Apart from having the priviledge to play at Download 2009 festival, one of the greatest highlights has been to be able to carry on playing & writing music, something which had kinda been denied before, it is a relieving feeling to know you can express yourself freely again without the fear of a certain kind of control, so to be honest, to not see it end, but begin again afresh, is a massive highlight for us!

ATP: What are your plans for the 12 months?
Brides: The next year will bring a few things; a new EP, a music video from said EP, more shows, maybe a tour for Europe, new merchandise, more interactivity, & always new music to come for the time that follows in those 12 months! Hopefully we'll have gained a few more fans & have some decent press as well, which would be a complete bonus.

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Listen to 'Ocular.Unveil' on Spotify.

UK Tour Dates with The Perfect Crime:
20 WITNEY Fat Lil's
21 BRIGHTON Hydrant
22 BRIDGENT Hobo's
24 LONDON Dublin Castle
26 CHELMSFORD Barhouse
27 IPSWICH The Swan
28 GUILDFORD Boiler Rooms
29 HITCHIN Club 85

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