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Alter The Press! Presents: Wot Gorilla?

Since forming in 2008, math rockers Wot Gorilla? have played shows alongside the likes of 65 Days of Static, The Get Up Kids & Tubelord. In addition they played the BBC Introducing stage at this years Reading and Leeds festival, whilst their new EP, 'New Arrival' sees the quartet transform their technical hook-filled style to disc with tracks like 'Fear of Flying' making good use of stringent guitar lines blended with subtle melodies.

Produced by James Kenosha (Grammatics, Pulled Apart By Horses, Lone Wolf & Dinosaur Pile-up), 'New Arrival' proves to be an intriguing affair that leaves you with a genuine interest for Wot Gorilla?

Wot Gorilla? - Fear of Flying

For Fans Of: Tubelord, Minus the Bear and Fall Of Troy.

Alter The Press: Why should Alter The Press! readers check you out?
Wot Gorilla?: Because although we're aware nothing is 'original' these days we do try and write stuff that we feel has something different about it, constantly pushing new ideas and arrangements. Our goal has always been to try and maintain a balance of math and pop, to make it as accessible as possible without boring people with the same old verse/bridge/chorus, or equally relentless time changing nonsense! At the end of the day we do what we know and that's what makes it work.

ATP: What's the story behind the band?
WG?: Mat and Si used to be in The Lucida Console. In late 2008 they decided to work together again alongside Ben Farnell (who had been flat sharing with Mat).
We spent a good 6 months finding our groove before we even considered looking to book gigs. It was time well spent, as we found our sound and learnt how to work well with each other. Jonny was found about 6 months into it after a long hunt for a bassist. We then focused on completing a set and getting gig ready.

Our first show was with Shapes and Mimas at Red House, Sheffield in October 2009. Since then we've been busy with a load of shows, including supports for Tubelord & The Get Up Kids and some great festivals like Live at Leeds and Leeds/Reading festival.

We will also have crammed in 2 releases within 2010: A self-released 5 track EP and a brand newie recorded with the genius James Kenosha (Pulled Apart by Horses, Grammatics & Dinosaur Pile Up), due out on 6th December though Idle Hands Club.

ATP: Single highlight as a band so far?
WG?: Leeds and Reading festival - Obviously! And (if we can have a second 'single highlight') getting signed to Idle Hands Club - The bloody lovely southerners!

ATP: What are your plans for the 12 months?
WG?: Get some writing done. Spread our wings - we're planning an early tour next year to give ourselves some much needed exposure. We're also looking forward to some more recording time with James Kenosha early next year, and subsequent release(s).

'New Arrival' by Wot Gorilla? is available now through Idle Hands Records.

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