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Exclusive Studio Blog: The Great Valley

Alter The Press has joined up with Wilmington pop-rock duo The Great Valley for an exclusive studio blog. Louis and Nick Matos are recording their début album, which is set to be released in February.

To give fans a preview of what to expect from the band. The pair will be regularly producing studio blogs exclusively for Alter The Press.

The Great Valley Studio Blog: No. 1.

"Hey all,

Here is the first peek at what we're up to. We decided to go this route for our first full-length because we have the comfort of writing as we track. Instead of doing a full blown studio album, we are doing it old school with the help of our producer Cody Prang and a MacBook Pro. This record has a very homemade feel to it so hit play and see how we're doing!

Until next time,

Louis & Nick, The Great Valley"

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