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Man Overboard + Transit Sign To Rise Records

Man Overboard and Transit have both signed to Rise Records.

Man Overboard will also be announcing a two song 7” on Rise and a B-sides/EP/Rarities (Dahlia/Noise From Upstairs) collection on Run for Cover. Run For Cover will put out both of Man Overboard’s and Transit’s next records jointly with Rise.

Statements from both bands can be read by clicking read more.

Man Overboard:
"Man Overboard is pleased to announce our signing to Rise Records. We are excited to join the roster, along with Transit, Piebald, This Is Hell and a few other great bands they will be announcing this week. It was only a year ago that we signed with Run For Cover and released the Dahlia EP, Noise From Upstairs EP and our debut full-length, Real Talk. We have already started to write our sophomore LP that will see a 2011 release on both Rise AND Run For Cover Records. Previous to that new LP we will release a yet-to-be-titled compilation LP on Run For Cover that features Dahlia, Noise From Upstairs, Real Talk B-Sides, a Promise Ring cover and two brand new songs as well as a new 7” on Rise that has yet to be titled.

We pride ourselves on having a relentless work ethic and are proud to be a part of Rise’s roster. Matthew, Craig and Sean all value their position at the label as a lifestyle and not just a job. We have always worked with people who are going to constantly push themselves to do better and great things and these guys have proven to do just that."

"We are proud to announce we have signed to Rise Records.

We know what you’re thinking... our music doesn’t really fit in with the "Rise Sound". So yes, we will be completely changing our style of music to fit in with this new label. More breakdowns, more screaming, some makeup, and much better hairstyles. Just you wait and see.

But seriously...we’re NOT doing that. Rise is a label that we’re very excited to be working with, since in reality there is no "Rise Sound" and they have always been a diverse label. They are here to support Transit for what we are, and what we do. We are stoked to be on the same roster as rad bands like Piebald and This Is Hell, as well as our friends in Man Overboard who also just signed with Rise . We’re happy and ready for the future."

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