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Album Review: My Heart To Joy - Reason To Be 7"

Under the helm of fantastic label Topshelf Records, My Heart To Joy release their brand new 7'' 'Reasons To Be' sporting their sound that suggests 90s-influenced pop-rock with enough hint of americana to give it a worthwhile taste. Soft airy guitar melody lines and a punk-earned sense of drive guides opener 'Farewell to a Raincloud'. Touches of The Get Up Kids here and there may give My Heart To Joy a nostalgic feel, however the vocals here are never pushed towards achieving unique status, and blends in with the feel and tone of the song, allowing the pulse of the song to flow effortlessly.

'Steady Habbits' possesses more of the same qualities and provides for some well-constructed vocal harmonies and general vocal goodness covering their guitar-laced pop. First listens aren't quite instantly satisfying here, but there's some top stuff hidden in here. 'Taken With a Presence' closes with a now familiar sound and doesn't quite reach the levels of the other two, which isn't to say it's bad, just lacking variety.

All in all, My Heart To Joy are an interesting band, and more importantly, not an irrelevant one. Their distinctive pop-rock cum mathy lead guitars make for an interesting listen, however there needs to be an overhaul of excitement and urgency if they want to really blow some mind


'Reasons To Be' 7" by My Heart To Joy is released on on Topshelf Records.

My Heart To Joy on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

James Berclaz-Lewis

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