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Album Review: Our Lives In Motion - Salvation In Secrets

Making the most of the not-so-niche market for melodic, ultra light metal, Our Lives In Motion's 'Salvation In Secrets' EP is a solid, if slightly dated addition to the genre. Taking cues from the likes of Circa Survive and Anberlin, the Massachusetts 4-piece’s sound is built on strong vocals, but lacks imagination, anything unique to set it apart from the work of countless other bands of their ilk.

‘Lost Art Of Amnesty’ is a promising beginning, encompassing polished lyrics, nice structure and a drive that sadly lacks on the rest of the EP. ‘The Getaway’ is depressingly middle of the road, and somehow feels like filler material, never a good omen on a 5-track offering such as this.

‘Race Against Time’ too struggles to impress and trundles along, seemingly with no direction or goal, and at just over four minutes feels a tad too long. The title track temporarily ups the standard, with impressive vocals from Dave Beaudreau and a progression devoid on the previous track, if slightly clichéd in the lyrics department.

But the improvement is brief, with closing number ‘Far From Safe’ offering little in the way of creativity or genuine quality, leaving the album fade out with a distinct air of mediocrity.

‘Salvation In Secrets’ is, all things considered, disappointing. There’s something there alright, but Our Lives In Motion apparently don’t know what that "something" is, meaning any real quality comes in fits and starts.


'' by Our Lives In Motion is available now.

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Liam McGarry

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