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Album Review: Next Stop Atlanta - Next Stop Atlanta

On face value Preston's Next Stop Atlanta could be written off as another Paramore wannabe group. Admittedly they have all the credentials to be called that, catchy pop-punk numbers with a red-haired front woman. However this short, self-titled EP holds a lot of promise for the four-piece.

'I'll Catch Fire' sets the tone rather favourably with a good structure and overall tight performance, whilst Georgia's vocals are pulled off brilliantly. 'Fourteennineeightyseven' continues the bands feel-good momentum, with a bright hooky chorus that sees the band subtly bringing a harder sound whilst equally balancing out between pop and rock. In addition the mix of melodies in the middle are also impressive.

'You Me And The Dance Flaw' is perhaps the weaker of three upbeat tracks, as its overall sound doesn't show much variation from the latter two. Whilst the bands choruses are consistently catchy, its not anything different we've heard before. The closing 'When Perfection Is Key' could be considered the standard acoustic pop-rock number, but after the somewhat disappointing 'You Me And The Dance Flaw', its welcoming to hear something different. As a result of the acoustic setting, Georgia's superb vocals work allowed to be put in centre stage, as they are smoothly aligned with the simple acoustic guitars that ultimately bring the EP to a nice end.

Sometimes its difficult how far some bands can go with just four songs, to an extent 'Next Stop Atlanta' proves to be one of these bands, with a tight set of songs that grow on you with each listen. They are stylistically favourable and have a sound that isn't too difficult to understand. Overall you could label them as 'promising' and one to keep an eye, as its clear they do have talent and this will help the band on their way.


'Next Stop Atlanta' by Next Stop Atlanta is available now on iTunes.

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Sean Reid

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