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Album Review: Promise Divine - Promise Divine EP

To start off I feel the need to point out that this band are actually Swedish, no really. Although with the Americanised vocals and classic pop punk sound it’s literally impossible to guess, you can tell who these guys grew up listening to. These guys would fit snug into any pop punk circle, probably the reason why they got a slot on the Vans Warped Tour, something not many Swedish bands have achieved.

The production for this EP in very much on point, ‘A Fairytale of Goodbye’ is instantly catchy with real nice guitar tones with some added harmonics; do I need to mention the gang vocals? ’76 Days’ has more of a pop vibe and settles the tempo of this debut EP, ‘Sucker Punch Poetry’ is literally everything you expected from the moment ‘Promise Divine’ starts, it’s a light approach to pop-punk following in the footsteps of the likes of Kids In Glass Houses with great catchy song writing and delivering some heavier tones.

‘Postcards’ slow things down with great melodies that make this whole EP easily likeable but there’s really nothing here that you haven’t heard, it’s just packaged in a new, Swedish, box. It would have been interesting to hear something new come out, instead of a sound too heavily influenced by American bands and culture. There’s no doubting they will do well with Warped Tour and a tour across America, especially with ‘Me, In the Study, With a Revolver’ playing out this release with the slickest of production and a really solid sound and even some growled vocals to finish.


'Promise Divine' by Promise Divine is available now through Snapping Fingers Snapping Necks.

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