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Album Review: States - Line ‘Em Up EP

It’s always a massive shame to watch the demise of two much loved bands, particularly when those bands are Lydia and Copeland. However, when the demise of two great bands leads to another super band, the pain subsides a little. States are that super band. Consisting of brothers, Bryan and Stephen Laurenson (ex-Copeland) and vocalist Mindy White (ex-Lydia), ‘Line ‘Em Up’ is their first release and may just herald the arrival of your new favourite band. Mixing the sound of Sixpence None The Richer with The Cranberries and lacing it with some feel-good summertime sixties vibes, should ensure this band go global in no time.

Though not a single as such, opening track ‘Anxious’ is the song that’s had the most exposure. ‘Anxious’ is the perfect calling card for the band, containing an incredibly catchy chorus, the vocal versatility of Mindy White and the song craft of the brothers Laurenson. White’s voice throughout this debut EP is sensational, hitting some seriously high notes on ’Falling For’ and ‘Time To Begin;’ demonstrating it’s flexibility across the closing couplet of songs.

On ‘Another Chapter’ White’s voice is soaring and powerful, compared to the lullaby tones of closer ‘Asleep’, truly a voice to anticipate in a live setting. ‘Time To Begin’ is the perfect blend of the threesome’s former bands, with soaring melodies and plenty of hooks, it rivals ‘Anxious’ in terms of perfection. ‘Generation’ has some underlying soul vibes to it’s jingly indie guitar lines, and again has an infectious chorus and a summer-time feel. The remarkable thing about ‘Line ‘Em Up’ is that any track could easily be the lead single.

In fact, there’s little in the way of criticism when it comes to reviewing this. Even the fact that there is only really a vast variation in sound when it comes to the soaring ‘Another Chapter’; is more of an indication of the band crafting their own unique sound, than running low in the creativity department. Any comparisons to Paramore are completely shallow. States are more atmospheric and melodic than Paramore, although both bands have similar levels of talent and musicianship. If you don’t know who this band is by the end of the year, there is no justice in the world.


‘Line ‘Em Up’ by States is available now.

States on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Dan Issitt

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