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Alter The Press! Presents: AVER

Having met at university just four months, High Wycombe-based AVER have quickly pulled themselves together with their first music video already made and a debut EP in the works.

With a sound that is likened to that of Francesqa and Futures; a light, favourable straight-up rock sound that is easily approachable, and perhaps more importantly has dozens of potential. Although the band are still in their infancy; they played their début show just last week, AVER could be one to keep an eye on.

For Fans Of: Futures, Francesqa, Flood of Red, and Canterbury.

Alter The Press: Why should Alter The Press! readers check you out?
AVER: Because we want as many people to listen to us as possible and spread our fan base all over the UK to give us the opportunity to play as many shows around the country as possible! It would be great for us as a band to travel a long distance and see people enjoy our music, represent our band with merchandise and spreading the word to there friends and making this adventure for us as good as it could possibly be.

ATP: What's the story behind the band?
Aver: We all came from different parts of the UK to come to Bucks New University to study music and during freshers week whilst drinking at the Hobgoblin, we discovered each of us played seperate instruments and decided to meet up and have a jam, which ended up making something productive that we all began to get more passionate about.

We started to write and record our music straight away whilst living at uni using the kitchen as our home made studio! Once we got the tracks mixed to all our likings we decided to release our first song 'A Tale of Lost Souls' onto our facebook. Were real happy with the response we got online and got lucky that a few guys from the Media courses at uni were looking for subjects for there work and we kindly stepped in allowing them to record the music video for 'A Tales of Lost Souls'.

The name 'AVER' came purely out of the blue whilst the band were cooking burgers during a break from recording.

Apart from that its been a very quick 2 and half months of non-stop fun and work and shows absolutely no signs of us slowing down!

ATP: Single highlight as a band so far?
AVER: Making our debut music video, recording our EP and almost having a full on brawl with an over-charging taxi driver.

ATP: What are your plans for the 12 months?
AVER: We plan on touring as much as possible, releasing our current EP and future tracks, hopefully another video in the future and a few cheeky festivals along the way.

AVER on Facebook.

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