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Alter The Press! Presents: This Sudden Injury

Influenced by the likes of Taking Back Sunday and The Movielife and having played with a wealth of bands from Francesqa to Sam Little to MexicoFallz to Tell It TO The Marines and many more, Ipswich/Bury St Edmunds' This Sudden Injury have pulled themselves together and work hard to get where they are.

Formed from the ashes of various unsuccessful bands, the emo/pop-punk group easily fit the mould of countless bands within the genre and along with their ambition, you can expect to hear more from This Sudden Injury as 2011 looks set to be a busy year for them. With the recent release of their free EP, 'Ghosts' and several shows planned alongside Man Overboard, Such Gold, Starters, A Fate Untold and Make Out Kids.

For Fans Of: Taking Back Sunday, The Movielife, Grade, I Am The Avalanche and Crime In Stereo.

Alter The Press: Why should Alter The Press! readers check you out?
This Sudden Injury: We're a new band working hard and trying to do things the right way and we're about to set out on our first ever tours having just released out debut EP for free download.

We live in sleepy Suffolk in the heart of East Anglia which most people from within the county currently believe is one of the country's un-tapped resource for fresh exciting new bands with the likes of Mallory Knox, Tell It To The Marines, A Fate Untold, The Easy Life, Protect The Target, The Cads, Ideals and Basement. All incredible bands from East Anglia who are producing quality tunes and slowly getting recognition.

It's really great to start out in a area with so many superb bands but also really hard as you will ultimately just get compared to the more established bands and good support slots are hard to come by as there is obviously a pecking order of sorts..

We're now starting to get offered some good shows, for example the Such Gold, Starters and Koji show in Bury St Edmunds but we just want as many people as possible to hear us. We're just starting out but the amount of support we've received locally at times has been overwhelming. We'll never take the quality of the local scene for granted but we do feel like we just want to get out and about and see new towns, new faces and new places.

We currently have no representation, no record label and no real booking agents. Everything we've done we've done ourselves. It's been tough but it's what we love doing. We want to do this and have a real desire and determination to do it. There have been people that have doubted us and although we're doing this for ourselves that always proves strong motivation if we ever need it.

ATP: What's the story behind the band?
TSI: We were all kicking around in pretty bad local bands before TSI and slowly sort of just found each other. Jake and Pete went to College together, I'd known Gooding since School and Jake grew up with Alex.

We were all desperate in our old bands to get in a position where we could hit the road, go to new towns, make new friends and just play music to people. It never worked out for various reasons in our old bands, some of it was down to the fact we just weren't really that good but alot of it was down to our line-ups being less then ideal, guys playing who were weekend players if you get what I mean? They'd pick up there guitars for practice and practice alone every weekend. The rest of the week it's gathering dust.

We all felt a band full of people who all felt passionate about music and spent a lot of time writing, recording and listening to music. A band full of members who wanted to tour or at least escape playing Ipswich every week like alot of local bands do, who would put the time in and work hard would be able to achieve this, so that's where we started.

ATP: Single highlight as a band so far?
TSI: It's hard to say really, we don't consider ourselves to achieved anywhere near what we want to yet but we're on the brink of some really exciting things. Our first tours, trips to Ireland, Scotland and Wales all coming up and possibly playing some opening slots at some festivals on the smaller stages. we were pretty stoked last week to find out we were being included on a sampler that's going to be free with Februarys issue of Rock Sound Magazine.

If you came to us in another 12 months time we'd like to think we'd be able to expand on that answer a bit more.

ATP: What are your plans for the 12 months?
TSI: Keep pushing the record, it's free to download and we've managed to get the best part of 1000 downloads in the first month, which we're really pleased about. We just want as many people as possible to hear it and we're playing as many shows as we possibly can, touring with some of our best mates and playing with some of our favourite bands from both the UK and abroad.

In April we're starting recording work on new songs. It's undecided how these will be released yet but we're talking to some real nice people who are keen to help us out with any future releases.

We've already said about hoping to get on some festivals this summer and we're talking to some people now who are keen to have us involved with there events but nothing's for certain yet.

We just want people to know our name, hopefully listen to our tracks and fingers crossed enjoy them enough to listen to us and come to a show.

'Ghosts' EP by This Sudden Injury is available as a free download here.

This Sudden Injury on MySpace, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

28/01/2011 - Devizes, Bell By The Green w/ Make Out Kids & Out Like A Lion
2/02/2011 - Bournemouth, The iBar
3/02/2011 - Saltash Plymouth, Live Wire.
4/02/2011 - Islington, London, The Zenith
5/02/2011 - Northampton, The Penny Whistle w/ One More Year & Ten Years
11/02/2011 - Cambridge, The Junction w/ Mallory Knox
12/02/2011 - Chatham, Chatham Rafa Club w/ Loose Cannons
15/02/2011 - Southed, The Railway w/ Who’s Driving? Bear’s Driving!
17/02/2011 - Norwich w/ Such Gold, Starters, Koji
18/02/2011 - Lincoln, The Duke Of Wellington
19/02/2011 - Trowbridge, The Pump Room @ The Lamb
21/02/2011 - Bury St Edmunds, Pot Black w/ Man Overboard, The Easy Life, Maycomb and Protect The Target
26/02/2011 - Ipswich, The Steamboat Tavern w/ A Fate Untold
3/03/2011 - Harlow, Sourz Mardy Bum Club Night w/ A Fate Untold
11/03/2011 - Norwich, The Wildman w/ Call Off The Search
19/03/2011 - Wycombe, Wycombe Academy w/ A Fate Untold
22/03/2011 - Preson, The Kolo Club w/ A Fate Untold
23/03/2011 - Stirling, Stirling Corn Exchange. Scotland w/ A Fate Untold
24/03/2011 - Glasgow, Bar Bloc. Scotland w/ A Fate Untold & Wolves At Heart
25/03/2011 - Edinburgh, The Banshee. Scotland w/ A Fate Untold
1/04/2011 - Abervangenny, The Dolls House. Wales w/ A Fate Untold & Hot Damn

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