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The Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon Forms The Horrible Crowes

The Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon have formed a new project called The Horrible Crowes, alongside Ian Perkins.

Fallon posted a blog about the new band, which can be viewed by clicking read more.

"Ok, so Absolute Punk found me out, I was keeping this a secret just doing the back room legwork getting everything ready, well, why wait... I remember I used to have to set myself on fire to get somebody to find out about my band, either that or play with Bruce Springsteen! (wink) so I'm pumped people care enough to find out before I even told anybody outside my little circle. So thanks for caring about what I'm up to, I appreciate that a lot.

Anyway, so here's the deal... the "night time music" is myself and Mr. Ian Perkins, and what we're doing is writing songs and making demos at the very moment. We hope to put out a full length record sometime this year, before it gets cold again, I don't know with whom, or when exactly it will come out. But the point is, it's coming out. We're calling ourselves The Horrible Crowes.
The name comes from a poem called the Twa Corbies, which means, "two crows." Check it out,
it's a dark commentary on life. A knight dies, his woman runs off on him, and two crows sit by discussing how to devour his remains... pretty gross. Pretty accurate about how we struggle all our lives for gain and greed, etc, etc and in the end, to quote Tom Waits, "we're all gonna be just dirt in the ground," while the spirit moves on and can't take a bit of the material with it.
Yet I've found we all do this, and mainly in relationships, we end up the devourer or the devoured. That's what we're singing about, it's the darker side of soul music, it's slow, it slithers, and it's raw. At the same time, the melodies and pianos are a juxtaposition to the topic material because it's eerily soothing. I'm really proud of what's been coming out and we'll see how it goes, but it's in the works and it's heading for an actual record.
Now how's this going to work with Gaslight, well it's easy, see, every time I write a creepy Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Mark Laneghan type song, I get an idea for a ripper which goes straight to Gaslight. So we're writing for both now, but Gaslight isn't planning on recording until the fall, for a 2012 release. Now I can't sit still so I'm doing this for fun, nothing more. We might do a few shows with the Crowes, maybe select cities in the US, Can, and Europe/UK, but not major touring like Gaslight does. This is my "for me" record, Gaslight is my baby, no mistake.
I always said I never would do a "solo" record so that's why I found a partner in crime in Ian. So it's not going to be the acoustic Brian Fallon road show. There's organs, pianos, even (gasp) strings!!! There's drums, everything. So don't expect a folk record. Here's a good description, if Tom Waits, the National, the Afghan Whigs, Bon Iver, and Nick Cave made a band with Percy Sledge that'd be called The Horrible Crowes.

You can find us on Facebook, and we have a blog that will eek out little bits as we progress and serve as a news point, so all breaking news with come from The Horrible Crowes blog.
Now for you cynics, it's spelled "Crowes" because Ian's English, and that's fun to me because I'm American and think everything English people do or say is amazing, you do to, admit it. So put that in your pipe and smoke to the filter.

We'll put some music up closer to when we figure out when we're recording. Because you internet whiz's are amazing at stealing. I'm truly impressed, but hyper afraid of you, so let's just say we'll put out some demos when we're ready to be hacked to death.

And yes, I have the Gaslight Anthem's blessing because they know I love them more than Ian.
I just said that because it's fun to see Ian's face when reads this. (Hi Ian.)

So let's have some fun and put out some great music this year while we get ready to write the best Gaslight Anthem record yet!

We'll see ya out there on the road!

Thanks everybody,

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