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Album Review: Endless Hallway - Endless Hallway

Endless Hallway are something of an enigma. Here we have a band that would be as comfortable on the pages of the modern NME as they would nestling amongst the Rock Sound mélange, a band that display influences from bands too varied to name-check and as such, it’s hard to accurately describe their sound.

So sod trying to pigeonhole them, this self-titled 7-track follow-up to 2009's 'Autonomy Games' is a superb collection of expertly crafted, intelligent alt-rock songs.

'Beachwood' is a catchy, upbeat first offering with a snappy danceable groove while 'Sympathy Trap' is a more brooding until it breaks into a uplifting but perfectly understated chorus of the sort that Matt Bellamy would never write now, but could if he stopped flying around in the big shiny spaceship in his head. 

‘Brambles’ opens with a fuzzy shuffling blues bass riff in the Queens of the Stone Age mould and a Thom Yorke-esque vocal before talking a pleasing psychedelic turn. Meanwhile, the excellent ‘Mercy’ is a more introspective number with atmospheric clean guitars and a delicious melodic vocal progression, which eventually builds up to a release at the songs climax before the mood again dips for queasily melancholic next track ‘No Rails’.

‘Magneton’ reverts back the disquieted, spiky rock before the wide-eyed Air influence of ‘Wander’ brings proceedings to a satisfying, if rather muted close.

Endless Hallway is the sound of a band reaching song writing maturity and totally in control of their sound. There is plenty of variety here but despite their hugely varied influences it never comes across as disparate or jarring. It’s an excellent record and will appeal to anyone who likes a bit of depth and maturity to their pop music.


'Endless Hallway' by Endless Hallway is available now on Bandcamp.

Endless Hallway on Bandcamp and MySpace.

Nick Worpole

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