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Interview: A Loss For Words

Since releasing their collection of Motown covers last year, Abington, Massachusetts' A Loss For Words have toured with the likes of The Wonder Years, The Ghost Inside, Evergreen Terrace, Such Gold, Our Time Down Here and most recently Streetlight Manifesto. In addition the band announced they signed a deal with Rise Records/Velocity Records with plans to release a new full-length this September.

Alter The Press! caught up with guitarist Marc Dangora to discuss the bands move to Rise Records/Velocity, what we can expect from the new album and their other future plans.

Alter The Press: How did the deal with Rise Records/Velocity Records come about?
A Loss For Words: In 2009 we self released our first full-length, The Kids Can’t Lose. Our band is proud of where that CD has taken us, but there was only so much we could do with it since we put it out on our own. Since that release we had been looking for the right label to support us. We met Dave from Velocity on tour in Los Angeles. He was really cool, and we kept in touch. We eventually told him about our search for a label to put out our next CD. He was interested. He floated the idea to Craig from Rise, and we got the deal done. Every one at Rise/Velocity has been so supportive and we can’t wait to get this record out.

ATP: What attracted you to Rise/Velocity more than other labels you spoke to?
A Loss For Words: They treat their bands well. Most bands on Rise/Velocity are given so much support from the label. There is a no nonsense approach to how those labels work. We have a lot of respect for what they do, and we're happy to be a part of them.

ATP: Were the labels more recent signings (such as Man Overboard, Transit and Sharks) help you with your decision to join Rise?
A Loss For Words: Actually it’s kind of funny; those signings weren’t really an influence at all. Those bands are all great, some good friends, but we didn’t really know about their deals with Rise until after we were already talking to Dave and Craig. But it’s definitely rad that those bands are on the label, now we can do a Rise Records Pop-Punk Tour.

ATP: You're going to be recording with Andrew Wade soon. What has made you want to work with him?
ALFW: The records he has worked on sound really good sonically. We have an idea of how we want this next CD to sound, and we think he can get the best out of us.

ATP: With the new album, what can we expect from it?
ALFW: I think we are trying to capture what we did with our full-length, but improve on it, maybe branch out a little. We want the next record to be big sounding, loud guitars and catchy vocals.

ATP: Other than the tour with Streetlight Manifesto, what other touring plans do you have for 2011?
ALFW: Touring plans for 2011 are really up in the air right now. Once we get the record done, and it is released, we’ll hit the road hard to support it. We are the type of band who loves touring and we’ll play anywhere. I’m sure once we get this CD out we will be everywhere.

ATP: Can we expect A Loss For Words back in the UK this year?
ALFW: The chances are pretty high. We love playing the UK. Once this CD comes out I can almost guarantee that we will be back.

ATP: I understand you have been working on a split EP with Such Gold. What can we expect from this?
ALFW: Prior to working out this deal with Velocity/Rise we had talked with Such Gold about doing a split. Those guys are some of the best musicians/dudes that we have ever had the pleasure of touring with and we are pretty excited about it. It comes out on No Sleep Records. Not sure about when it will be out yet.

ATP: Is there anything else you'd like to say?
ALFW: We are excited about getting new music out there. It has been a while since we have put out original music. We are excited about the full length, split with Such Gold, and also we have a split acoustic CD with a band from Ohio called Mixtapes that will come out on Pure Noise/Animal Style Records this year. It should be a pretty fun 2011.

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Words by Sean Reid

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