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ATP! Label Profile: Bullet Tooth

As part of recently launched 'Alter The Press! Label Profile' feature, today we talk to Josh Grabelle. Having launched Trustkill Records in 1994, Grabelle started Bullet Tooth last year and has since gone to release material from Memphis May Fire, Affiance, Most Precious Blood, Kid Liberty and more.

Interview with Josh Grabelle.

Year founded: 2010
First Release: Kid Liberty - -Fight With Your Fists'
Latest Relese: Most Precious Blood - 'Do Not Resuscitate'

5 Essential Releases: Kid Liberty - 'Fight With Your Fists'
First Blood - 'Silence Is Betrayal'
Affiance - 'No Secret Revealed'
Most Precious Blood - 'Do Not Resuscitate'
Memphis May Fire - 'Between The Lies'

Number of Releases: 12

Current Roster:
Affiance, Awaken Demons, Deception Of A Ghost, First Blood, The Great American Beast, Kid Liberty, Memphis May Fire, Most Precious Blood, NightShade, Victory In Numbers

Why did you form Bullet Tooth?
I love music, I love the bands I work with, I wanna see them be successful, and I’m confident I can get them there. I’ve always said that running a label is akin to finding that band you fell in love with when you were 13 years old and telling all your friends about them. That is really what we do here; we find a band we love and we tell the world.

How did you come up with the name Bullet Tooth?
It is from the character Bullet Tooth Tony from the movie Snatch. Great film, great character, great name.

Why should people take an interest in Bullet Tooth?
Because we have great bands on Bullet Tooth that need to be heard.

What are your future plans for Bullet Tooth?
We have new albums coming out from NightShade, Kid Liberty, and more in 2011, plus some more soundtracks and other surprises. Stay tuned!

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