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ATP! Label Profile: Hassle Records

Today we're launching a new regular feature that focuses on a variety of record labels. 'ATP! Label Profile' gives fans all the facts they need to know about labels from both UK and overseas.

To kick off the feature, Alter The Press! spoke to Hassle Records' Chris Baker.

Year Founded: 2005
First Release: Juliette & the Licks - ‘…Like A Bolt of Lightning’

Latest Releases: We Are The Ocean -‘Go Now & Live’ (April 25th)
Blitz Kids -‘Vagrants & Vagabonds’ (June 6th)
August Burns Red TBA (Summer 2011)

5 Essential Releases: Alexisonfire - ‘Crisis’
Cancer Bats - ‘Hail Destroyer’
Four Year Strong - ‘Rise or Die Trying’
We Are The Ocean - ‘Go Now & Live’
City & Colour - ‘Bring Me Your Love’

Number of Releases: A lot…

Current Roster: Bands that are actively in campaign at the moment and thus are the ‘current roster’ are: We Are The Ocean, Blitz Kids, August Burns Red, Attack! Attack! Trash Talk, Cancer Bats, Alkaline Trio, Senses Fail.

Why did you form Hassle Records? For the same reason all labels should be formed, love and passion for music.

How did you come up with the name Hassle Records? It’s a secret, but there are clues all over each album we’ve released.

Why should people take an interest in Hassle Records? I don’t want to be trying to coerce people into taking an interest in our label. We release records by bands that we love and want to work with, and if those bands appeal to people then great.

What are your future plans for (Hassle Records)? We don’t have rocket science answers. It’s my feeling that bands make the label, and every band you work, you want to give 100% to, so simply to continue to sign bands that we love.

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