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ATP! Label Profile: Pure Noise Records

The latest ATP! Label Profile sees us talking to Jake Round from Pure Noise Records. Based out of Berkeley, California, Round started the label after being influenced by bands such as Lifetime, New Found Glory, Terror and Have Heart. Whilst Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph Records also inspired Pure Noise Records, which has released material from Man Overboard, Transit, Handguns and more recently, The American Scene.

Year founded: 2009

First Release: No Bragging Rights - 'The Consequence Of Dreams' (released March 3rd 2009).

Latest Releses: Handguns - 'Don't Bite Your Tongue'
The Amercican Scene - 'By Way Of Introduction'
Daybreaker 'The Northbound Trains EP'

5 Essential releases: Transit/Man Overboard - Split 7"
The Story So Far/Maker - Split 7"
Handguns - 'Don't Bite Your Tongue'
The American Scene - 'By Way of Introduction'
Daybreaker 'The Northbound Trains EP'

Number of releases: 11

Current Active Roster: Handguns, The Story So Far, The American Scene, Daybreaker and Second To Last.

Why did you form Pure Noise Records? In late 2008, my close childhood friends No Bragging Rights were looking for a new label. I was working at AMP Magazine at the time and had a few contacts and was trying to help them out. After some waiting and not getting the answer we wanted I asked them if they'd be interested in having me put out the record. They said yes and I borrowed a bunch of money from my mother and the rest is history.

How did you come up with the name Pure Noise? Pure Noise Entertainment was originally the name of the DIY booking agency I wanted to start. I booked a tour or two and then decided it wasn't for me. When I started the label it was the best thing I could come up with. I dropped the "Entertainment" part of the name a year or so ago. I felt like it sounded too douchey. I don't have a high rise office and I drive a Honda, not trying to act like I'm Ari Gold from Entourage.

Why should people take an interest in Pure Noise? I think the bands are what makes the label, I'm just the organizer of all things boring. I make sure all the art gets done, the records get ordered and sent out and that tour dates are posted on websites. The bands are the really interesting part of any label. I think the bands I've decided to work with are all great and I've tried to keep it interesting without being too unpredictable. Every record I've put out I've absolutely loved and listened to more times than I could count.

What are your future plans for Pure Noise? To continue to put out records that I think are great. I've learned a lot in the last two years and I hope to continue to grow but in the end my real goal is put out music people will still talk about in ten years even if they only sell moderately well. If a couple of my releases are considered classics by a handful of kids, I'd be stoked on that.

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