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ATP! Label Profile: Scylla Records

Our latest 'ATP! Label Profile' sees is highlighting Scylla Records, a London-based label that in the past has released records by Valencia, Out of Sight, Fracesqua and Just Surrender.

Interview with Richard Hughes

Year founded: 2006
First Release: Out of Sight - Something Created By Belief
Latest Relese: Francesqa/Person L - Split EP

Current Roster: It's a very fluid thing, but at the moment we're working with Scream! Shout! Say Nothing, The October Game, Person L and Toodar. Previously we've had the pleasure of working with Out of Sight, Francesqa, Ella, Just Surrender, Valencia, Proceed, Permanent Me and Sincerely Monroe.

Why did you form Scylla Records?
We formed Scylla for two reasons really, it was something that I'd always wanted to do and whilst studying at University I was putting on shows in High Wycombe and met the Out of Sight lads who had just recorded an EP in New York but didn't have a way to put it out, so we formed the label to help with the release and it snow balled from there really.

How did you come up with the name Scylla Records?
The name was actually something that the co-founder Ross came up with. It's from greek mythology which I think we'd always found fascinating. We've since found out that we most probably have been pronoucing it wrong for the last 5 years, but far too late to change it now!

Why should people take an interest in Scylla Records?
It's a tricky question in many ways as there are hundreds of other great independent labels like Walnut Tree, LAB, 50 Bones and countless more who are doing many great things, but I like to think that we put out honest, real and high quality music regardless of where the band are from, what they sound like or who their target audience is. A policy that does often make things hard for us but which has lead to a back catalogue that I'm really proud of. I'd like the Scylla label to give a stamp of quality to a release, both in terms of musical output but also physical packaging in a world that seems to be (on the whole) taking a lot less interest in that side of things.

What are your future plans for Scylla Records?
Well, in the short term we're working on a very exciting project with two incredible bands, The October Game and Toodar. We're releasing a split EP featuring 2 original songs, each band has covered one of each other's songs, and also both bands have co-written and co-recorded a track together which is so beautiful. The interesting part for me is the way that we are releasing this EP, which hopefully will bring back a little excitement into the physical side of a release. We have commissioned around 50 artists to each come up with 1 package for a CD, which range from canvas box frames to 3D pyramids containing the CDs. We're putting up the submissions from the artists already at and we will start a raffle closer to the release date (which will be May/June) where fans can get the chance to win of these 50 original pieces of artwork/sculpture. There is some incredible stuff already, well worth a look at the website.

In the longer term, we're going to keep putting out releases that we really think deserve to be heard. The new Scream! Shout! Say Nothing album is currently being recorded and I'm sure there will be a single out this summer followed by the album in the autumn of this year. We're also working hard on our publishing arm and are working with an incredible singer/songwriter in the folk/indie type world by the name of Katie Malco who will be releasing her debut EP this summer and that's a real musical treat!

More information on Scylla Records can be found here.

Scylla Records on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

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