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Chickenhawk Announce Name Change

Chickenhawk have changed their name to Hawk Eyes.

Message from the band:

"We used to be called Chickenhawk, but we decided it was time for a name change. Death to Chickenhawk, long live Hawk Eyes!

We're still the same band, still doing what we do, so anybody already into the Hawk vibe need not fear! Anybody not familiar, hi, please read the bio' and put our music in your ears to get with the program.

To celebrate this change we've launched this new website. Have a browse round to find info on all of our upcoming dates, free downloads, videos and lots more. Links to other 'Hawk' related websites can be found below, please check them out and say hello or email us on contact[at]

Keep your eyes open for some more Hawk related news in the next few weeks about future releases and gig announcements as well!

Hawk Eyes out....
x "

Alter The Press!