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Live Review: Polar (EP Launch) - The Star, Guildford -17/3/11

After a lot of beer and 4 support bands, some good, some not so good...Guildford is nicely warmed up when Polar finally hit the stage for this hometown show. Tonight it is all about Polar, this show has been put on for free by the band themselves to toast they’re new Polar Noise EP hitting the masses, and it would seem that every single person in this heaving room already has the EP, and has learnt every single word.

Kicking off with ‘Tonight Matthew; We Are The Batman’ the room fucking erupts, Polar are possibly the most energetic live band in the UK right now and the band and crowd feed of each other perfectly, constantly working each other into a whole new level of frenzy. Bodies fly, at times you can’t even tell where the band members are with the stage packed with crowdsurfers and half the band in the pit, yet even with this all going on the band play every note, sing every line, and hit every beat absolutely perfectly. Singer Adam Woodford becomes a man possessed with a mic in his hand and proceeds to spend more time being passed around the room by the sweaty crowd than he does on the stage.

It’s all over too quickly when during the final breakdown of the night the drum kit is totally pulled apart, then rebuilt in the middle of the pit. Drummer Nick Jones takes to his stool and plays his kit harder than ever, surrounded by flying fans...making for a chaotic, epic end to the set.

The band look genuinely chocked by the well deserved reaction they receive tonight, not least at a time when they run through some thank you’s of the people that have supported them over the past 12 months.

This has been a great night for Polar and their fans to celebrate in style how far they’ve come in such a short amount of time. The band should be proud of what they have created, they’re loyal Surrey fanbase definitely are.

Words by Matt Buck
Picture courtesy of Darren Willmott.

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