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Live Review: Such Gold, Starters, Stick Around, Young Wolves and Anderson Mesa - Fibber Magee’s, Dublin - 11/03/11

After several weeks of touring Europe, Such Gold finished their second last show of tour debuting Dublin on March 11 at Fibber Magee’s backed by full Irish support. It was my first time present for a show in the downstairs part of the venue, and this amble setting was the perfect location for the whirlwind of Pop-punk that was ready to kick-start Dublin into action. The night initially got off to a late start, but was soon back on track as Anderson Mesa began the first support slot of the night. Their set was full of the usual energetic presence given by front man Robert Flynn. The band recently recorded a split tape with Young Wolves which was released on the night.

Young Wolves appropriately followed suit with a riveting set full of old and new songs from their previous release, and split tape. I’ve been listening to this band on and off over the past year, and this was finally my first time getting to see the live show. Ian Kelly, who happens to be in a few bands including Starters, lays the lead vocals down as part of the Young Wolves line up. I would highly recommend anyone who loves Starters to listen to Young Wolves. A great set by yet another promising Irish band.

Stick Around, a young Pop-punk outfit from the West were next to hit the stage. The band formed in 2010, and released their debut EP ‘When We Ran’ last November. The band gave out free copies of their EP and stickers after the set, which was a nice bonus. I look forward to hearing more from the Galway Pop-punkers in 2011.

Starters, who have been supporting Such Gold across their entire European Tour were finally back on home turf, ready to shake up the City on their second last night of tour. I have seen Starters many a time, but this by far was one of the most enjoyable sets to date. Stage dives left, right and centre throughout their entire set. Highlights included guest vocals from Such Gold’s Ben Kotin on ‘Hopeless But Devoted’ along with a cover of Taking Back Sunday’s ‘You Know How I Do’. The band released a new EP on the night with six Acoustic track versions of songs from ‘Demo 2010’ along with their debut EP ‘Reasons To Stay’.

Such Gold kicked off their set with opening track ‘Cut Rides’ from the ‘Pedestals’ EP. A warm round of applause and cheers welcomed the New Yorkers to Dublin. "We’ve been on tour for more than two months, and we miss home. Thanks for having us tonight Dublin2 exclaimed singer Ben Kotin with a smile. Such Gold jammed through their set, which lasted roughly an hour, with tracks such as ‘Sycamore’, ‘So Close’, ‘Gut Rot’, ‘Whats Left Of You’. The energy and stage presence of Such Gold set off the entire show, and a further stream of stage dives and crowd surfers shortly followed. "These New York winters, are killing me" echoed through the room as the band came to the final part of their set with ‘Four Superbowls, No Rings’. A fantastic set by the band and a very enjoyable night’s entertainment from the Irish support. Pure gold.

Laura-May Fox

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