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Album Review: Thursday - No Devolución

Every once in awhile a record comes along and leaves you hooked from the opening seconds, Thursday's latest record, 'No Devolución' is one of those records. Whilst I won't go as far as saying its a return to form for the post-hardcore group, it is definitely, more or less, perfect.

Since their “breakthrough” 'Full Collapse' record, the New Jersey have progressivly moved away from their “screamo”/”emo” tag the band found themselves labelled with, to the point of where 'No Devolución' has them now. Whilst the pounding opening of 'Fast To The End' gives the impression this is the same old Thursday, underneath you'll find an abrasive and atmospheric approach which is present throughout with Geoff Rickly's vocals reverbing underneath the bands structured post-hardcore style.

From there on in the band take you on a journey of highs and lows, whilst simultaneously keeping a hidden momentum and perhaps more importantly your attention. Tracks like 'No Answers' and 'A Darker Forest' are cold yet compulsive, with the latter having an subtle intense feel that leaves you enthralled.

One of the stand out tracks of the record is 'Sparks Against The Sun', with its deep bassline and controlling piano that sits well next to Rickly's lifting vocals in the chorus

Nevertheless there are moments for fans of “old” Thursday, as 'Open Quotes' and 'Magnets Caught In A Metal Heart' have characteristics that gained the band much praise in the past; driving alt-rock with a dark, melodic approach. Whilst 'Turnpike Divides' is fast and explosive and continues the contrast between the bands heavy and atmospheric direction, with the eerie 'Empty Glass' being one of the bands most compelling moments ever; an intense build up with hollowing keys serving as a background for Rickly's deeply personal words draw you in with a subtle ease.

The closing track, 'Stay True' manages to bring all these elements together with its uplifting and soaring conclusion, as the bands mix heavy post-hardcore is brilliantly combined with their refreshing, atmospheric style.

'No Devolución' deserves all the credit it gets, as Thursday have crafted a record that as a whole is superb and is carried along by the bands natural and creative approach, thus resulting a compelling, well-rounded record that leaves you more than satisfied. Certainly a contender for album of the year.


'No Devolución' by Thursday is released on April 11th (UK)/12th (US) on Epitaph Records.

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Words by Sean Reid (@seanreidATP)

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