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Album Review: Tangled Hair - Apples

Out of the disbanding of much loved math sensation Colour, drummer James Trood and lead singer Alan Welsh formed Tangled Hair back in 2009. Since the release of their first EP, aptly named ‘First’ they have got themselves a new member in the form of bassist Alex Lloyd and 15 months on released ‘Apples’, a neat display of sheer instrumental and song writing prowess in the form of a 5-track EP.

There’s no messing around with opener ‘I’m Calmer Than You’, the group bellow out “Arghhhhhh” and burst into a volatile track, which simmers and crashes, never gathering a foothold on any given tempo. The time signatures throughout the EP are complex and unstable, heavily led by the drum machine that is James Trood, who powers through with off kilter rhythms that almost stray off into incomprehensible realms.

However it’s these that make every corner Tangled Hair turn exciting. ‘Forty Winks’ teases you before rupturing into something you never thought was there, while ‘Campfires’, with a delicious plucked guitar cropping up between frantic outbursts, takes you on a four minute whistle-stop tour of what makes this band great. From slow whispers, to shouts and gushes of tasty riffs, all held together somehow by the prospects of what is around each corner. This is one aspect of the EP which squeezes it into quite a niche area, with its raw escape from conventional structures and time signatures; it’s certainly an acquired taste.

‘Daylight #1’ sees Alex Lloyd on bass really shine within this trio with some lovely work, while throughout he seems to be able to reel everything back in, holding a firm grasp and keeping the rhythm section in tow. Last track ‘Daylight #2’ drives things to an end with a great vocal performance from Alan Welsh. Tangled Hair have managed to take their live sound and slip into a studio while still keeping that raw edge, ending up with something that is far from over produced, bringing with it the energy and edginess of a band on stage. Yes ‘Apples’ might be an acquired taste, but when you do grab hold and grasp it you’ll discover it’s all worth it, these guys are exciting and delivery something with substance, offering you something new with each listen.

‘Apples’ by Tangled Hair is released on March 11th on Big Scary Monster Records.

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Connor O’Brien

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