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ATP! Label Profile: Lost Tape Collective

With a heavy enthusiast on the DIY work ethic, Man Overboard's Justin Collier formed Lost Tape Collective to give fans of the band to purchase the bands brilliant 'Real Talk' album on cassette. Since then the label has gone to release material from Basement, Fireworks, True Things, Misser and more.

With numerous tape, vinyl and CD releases, LTC understands its fans want something special and rare from its roster. Whilst at the same time making its releases affordable and even sometimes free. In addition its close community feel (influenced by Man Overboard's 'Defend Pop Punk' motto) shows the label easy going, fun and treats its customers well.

Interview with Justin Collier.

Year Founded: 2010
First Release: Man Overboard - Real Talk Cassette
Latest Release: Fireworks - Bonfires EP Cassette

5 Essential Releases:
Man Overboard - Real Talk Tape
Basement - Songs About The Weather 7"
Misser - 4 Songs Tape with Handmade Bound Book
Man Overboard - Live In Leeds Tape
Fireworks - Bonfires EP tape

Number of release: 10(ish)

Current Roster: Man Overboard, Basement, AYS, Smile and Burn, History, Shotgun Bang and True Things.

Why did you form Lost Tape Collective?
Man Overboard wanted to have its own label to release other bands and some of our own stuff, so we just decided to start it and have the 'Real Talk' tape be out first release. It was pretty simple and has come along nicely for only being a label less than one year.

How did you come up with the name Lost Tape Collective?
Wayne from Man Overboard.

Why should people take an interest in Lost Tape Collective?
We just try to put our fun releases... usually limited, sometimes on tape, vinyl or just digital. Typically something exclusive or something you can collect. In an age when you can steal whatever you want off the internet, we have decided to either give it away for free or cheap digitally and sell fun. Worthwhile physical products for cheap!

What are your future plans for Lost Tape Collective?
Hopefully releasing more and more cool shit!

More information on Lost Tape Collective can be found at and

Lost Tape Collective on Bandcamp, Twitter and Facebook.

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