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Feature: Departures - 'Without Fear' Track by Track

With their latest EP, Bayonne, New Jersey's Departures mixed a distinct punk rock sound similar to bands like The Swellers and Transit with a subtle post-rock style.

'Without Fear' is made up of driving rhythms, fast-paced guitars and all-out vocals with the occasional harmony thrown in for good measure.

Alter The Press! recently spoke to vocalist Steve Dzikowski to give us a track by track guide to the EP.

I'm glad that this song opens up the EP. Outside of it being a really energetic song, this song is about the irony of how people get caught up in making unwritten rules for a genre that was based around freedom of expression. It's still interesting to see how many "rebels", "open minded" critics, and more "anti-authoritarian" people continually try to police everyone on what these unwritten rules of punk rock are. I don't have any rules for making music but my golden rule is try to be honest and make something important to you.

Gold Jacket:
This song is just about my experiences growing up in a working class family and normal struggles I'm sure everyone goes through at my age. It just seems like no matter how old you get, people still continually try to "one up" any of your endeavors or current aspirations. I'm sure most people would think that because they have a nice car, went to an expensive college, and wear ridiculously over priced plain clothing that they are better than those who don't have those privileges. It just goes to show how after all that education, money, and flash; they still couldn't afford to have a good head on their shoulders.

Eight Days While You Were Dead:
I won't go into painstaking details about the content of this song, only to not air out the dirty laundry of the deceased and those who can not be present to defend themselves. This song is about three people who abruptly left my life, ironically in the span of the same week. To two of you, I hope all is well and that you found peace in where you departed for. To you, I apologize for my brash decision and behavior but this was the only choice I had left.

This song is fairly cut and dry. This song is for anyone who ever felt judged for being who they are or true to themselves. You can only take the world's petty bullshit for so long before you finally stand up for yourself and say, "I've had enough."

Moments (Without Fear):
This idea for this song was originally improvised by me and Christian (our bassist) after several band practices. I like this song a lot because it means something different to everyone in the band. By having no vocals in it, it can represent any time, place, person, or event to the listener and can always be subject to change. It can in theory, be timeless in that essence.

'Without Fear' by Departures is available now.

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