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Feature: Radicus - 'The Bigger Noise' Track by Track

Last week Peterborough's Radicus released their new EP, 'The Bigger Noise' through Disconnect Disconnect Records.

As part of our regular track by track feature, the punk rock group gave us a detailed guide to EP.

This is how we interpret the songs we have written, but this doesn’t mean this is how someone else should take them. We write lyrics for ourselves, but would encourage anyone who listens to interpret them in their own way, that’s what is good about music.

Family Fortunes:
This deals with relationships within families, broken homes, the responsibility of having children, and how a person should adapt once they are part of a family. Most importantly it relates to how to respect your family, as this is not just a one way process, at the very least this is 2 ways.

O Deejay God:
This is about how the media portrays every aspect of celebrity life from birth to death, through rise and fall. How the public wants to read about the daily life of someone else, and the fact that magazines will bid for the exclusive rights to someone’s funeral or last moments. We thought the bridge section would be perfect for some heavier vocals, to which Phil from We Are Fiction agreed and provided.

My Legacy (The History to Come):
This song is about not reflecting too much on the past and looking forward to the future. Its about making your mark on the world in the form of your friends and family even though, due to the ways of the working world you actually spend more time with people who you are forced into relationships with, as apposed to the people that you really care about.

The Spark II:
This is the second song we’ve wrote called the spark (hence the II), both had the same meaning, the reasoning behind why we play music – fun, friends, passion, energy. The song timelines our past, changes within the band and many references to other songs that have made us stronger and contributed to our current sound.

2 Legit 2 Quit:
2 legit is about how a band can change the music they play to aid their success, in a sense becoming manufactured. We’ve always believed that you should play whatever music is in your heart, what makes you happy when you play it. This doesn’t mean a bands sound can’t change, it just has to come from the members not in relation to the scene, or management etc.

Not most valuable player but most valuable powerchord. This is about changing times, about telling people who mean a lot to you your side of the story till you’re blue in the face, and them not listening to you or taking any notice to what you’ve said.

Business As Usual (BAU):
The original name for this song was 23459, this relates to Lee’s workplace. BAU is about working a 9-5 job and not enjoying it, when you are growing up and going through school you’re not actually told that 30-40% of people don’t enjoy their jobs. Leaving school and going into a job that really sucks really puts life into perspective.

Let Them Try:
This is about trying to keep our circle of friends, a lot of us grew up together and when people start going to uni, getting jobs, moving away, travelling etc the bonds between friends get strained. Let the world try and separate us, never!

'The Bigger Noise' by Radicus is available now through Disconnect Disconnect Records.

Radicus on Facebook and Twitter.

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