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Album Review: The Click Five - TCV

On 'TCV' The Click Five shows a sense of old 70’s rock, despite the fact that this particular genre isn’t the most heard of, the band are sure to satisfy the ears of many. Although particular bands may influence them (The Beatles and The Rolling Stones), they certainly put in their own modern twist making it their own. It’s an EP that has enough to appeal to everyone, with a beginning of energetic songs such as 'Fever For Shakin’' and 'Dancin’ After Midnight' it’s bursting with energy from every angle and with catchy opening track 'I Quit! I Quit! I Quit!' it’s easy to find yourself singing along after the first listen.

As 'TCV' continues toward the end, it begins to soften slightly with new free download 'Don’t Let Me Go' which involved the band collaborating with MTV Exit making a video to increase prevention and raise awareness of human trafficking.

Finally the soft closing track, 'Love Time Space' completes this well produced EP, with touching lyrics: “I'm willing to try but finding out I'm not playing the games you're saying we should play and now it's clear that we're still hoping these doors will open to our love, our time, our space” it can be related to by many, creating a connection with fans, and making it easy to feel the emotion throughout the whole song.

By starting with energy and ending with the softer songs this allows listeners to witness the variety of this “powerpop” band. With strong vocals and faultless sound throughout, the standard of this album is high enough to obtain more fans than the thousands that are already hooked, along with a couple of million album sales The Click Five are set to take over with 'TCV' and avoid any sense of disappointment.


'TCV' by The Click Five is released on May 30th through Lojinx.

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Words by Jade Grand-Scrutton

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