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Album Review: The Cape of Good Hope - Sly Love With A Midnight Creeper

The Cape of Good Hope are back from a hiatus with their corker of a new EP, 'Sly Love With A Midnight Creeper' and there’s already a big buzz surrounding the Brum foursome - and fairly so. With radio play on Kerrang and BBC 6 Music combined with favourable reviews, The Cape of Good Hope are back brimming with determination and enthusiasm.

In terms of recommendations, It’s difficult to decide on a stand out track as each have their own individual selling points. Instrumental track 'Animate This' has some fantastic breaks in it and showcases the quartet’s musical skills perfectly. 'I Decided On Your Mother', on the other hand is a beautifully epic post-hardcore track. Musically it’s complex and raw.

I think what I like best about this EP is that, in spite of it being three years since the release of their last EP ‘Arts & Crafts’, they’ve really built on the solid foundations of their sound instead of wiping the slate clean and introducing a totally new sound as bands have a tendency to do. These lads know their strengths and have positively expanded upon them.

Produced by Dave Draper (Pitchshifter/They Fell From The Sky) the band’s sophomore EP is eclectic yet decisive, both assertive and ethereal. Hopefully this time around they’ll get more of the recognition the rightly deserve. 'Sly Love With A Midnight Creeper' is a collection of songs that can make the UK proud to have talented, hard working bands like this.


'Sly Love With A Midnight Creeper ' by The Cape of Good Hope is out now through Dead Before Dawn.

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Words by Chantelle Kiki Goodchild

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