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Album Review: Everyone An Army - A Coastal Dance on the Grave of Romance

Like any website, magazine or blog there’s a constant stream of unsigned bands requesting reviews, and it may be the fact that for the most part only 10% of anything that comes through is good, but it’s so satisfying when you get that band which make you sit up and take notice – and Scarborough’s very own trio Everyone An Army have done exactly that.

Opening track ‘A Coastal Dance on the Grave of Romance’ is huge - there’s not one brick missing from what makes up the wall of sound that fills every corner of this EP. Lead by thunderously gloomy bass sounds which fill ‘Versailles’ with hauntingly dark moments.

‘Venous Hum’ displays some tasty guitar work and demonstrates an almost monotone value to the vocals which play on the murky tones of this trios sound. When everything comes together its bloody heavy and creates a grand barrage of boomy riffs that produces a real dark atmosphere throughout the four tracks.

The drums on closing song ‘A Christmas Truce’ tease the track, creating a slow build which complements the strength and vigour of the vocals on display throughout. The culmination of this demonstrates an almost epic quality to Everyone An Army, who demonstrate a surprisingly developed sound and an ambitious approach to the progressive genre. The EP is filled with intelligent song writing, with each track creating a real mood and atmosphere – murky, gloomy, loud and at times thunderous – this is a brilliant release which I can only imagine gets louder and increasingly more overwhelming on stage.


‘A Coastal Dance on the Grave of Romance’ by Everyone An Army is available now on Bandcamp.

Everyone An Army on Facebook, Bandcamp and MySpace.

Connor O’Brien

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