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Album Review: Silverstein - Rescue

How much change is too much? A question that bands have pondered as long as second albums have been recorded. Canada's successful rock/screamo outfit, Silverstein has solved this problem by simply not changing at all. In fact, this is not even their second album, but their fifth and still little has changed. So, good news if you are a Silverstein fan, less so if you are looking for an album to change your mind about them.

The mix of cookie-cutter pop-rock and screaming that somehow got erroneously labelled as post-hardcore remains. To be fair to Silverstein, they always had a knack of writing a catchy hook – this was evident on début, 'When Broken is Easily Fixed' – and there are a few littered across 'Rescue'. 'Forget Your Heart' could easily slot into any of the band's back catalogue and it's a stand-out track on an album that is severely lacking in that department.

The rest of the album seems too formulaic, and the lack of tempo changes make this album a one-paced affair. 'Texas Mickey' is the only other track that really makes you sit up and take notice, but that is mostly because of Anthony Raneri's guest vocals.

Silverstein fans will find nothing to fault with this album, but even they will perhaps be thinking that their band needs to evolve slightly and this music is dating fast. Anyone else may wonder why a band is still making the same music they were making in 2003... and why a band would allow such awful screaming to permeate their music.


'Rescue' by Silverstein is available now through Hopeless Records.

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Nick Robbins

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