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Album Review: Flights - Flights EP

This self-titled EP sets itself up nicely with ‘The Pretence’, which features a very interesting array of time signatures that keep the intrigue even in the wake of the reliably predictable (but no less enjoyable) arrangement, one with just enough balls to carry the melody without sounding like it’s trying too hard, and reaching that distinction is an achievement that should be applauded.

The pace of this release changes immediately however when the next track kicks in. ‘Judge’ has a beautiful introduction that reminds me of a track from Pillar’s ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ that I would challenge you to name. The eeriness is weaved into the beauty of the track’s instrumentation here in a way that creates an admirable silk cloth of audible treats, and as the guitars once again reach their full throttle and the backing vocals are added to the mix you really get a feel of what this band can achieve, the climax of the song reaching a plane of mastery that has some serious hook potential not to mention that of the line and sinker.

In fact as I get further into the sea of brilliant ideas that forms the tapestry of this release, I am reminded more and more of Pillar, which is no small feat given the epic quality this music and theirs shares, there is really a something special that goes in to making a vocal line sound so triumphant and legendary, something that Flights certainly have in their frankly impressive repertoire. Check out ‘Stitched To The Bone’ for instance, a song I was particularly impressed with, so much that I need not do more than recommend it, hear it for yourself, it’s fairly stunning.

For an EP alone this is incredibly rewarding, but for a debut EP, it is outstanding in its scope and its quality, it has its weaker moments admittedly, ‘Wires and Code’ in particular didn’t sit incredibly well amongst its golden brethren. On the whole however, this band is one to watch.


'Flights EP' by Flights is out now through Big Cartel.

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Edward Strickson

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