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Album Review: Freeze The Atlantic - Colour By Numbers EP

Formed out of the ashes of esteemed English rock band, Reuben, Freeze The Atlantic have a ready made set of loyal followers. With a member from Hundred Reasons also in the band, the line-up reads like a super-group of members from bands who should have been much bigger than they ever were.

Freeze The Atlantic certainly have a great chance of hitting the big time if this radio-friendly three track EP is anything to go by. Kicking off with 'Waking Up', the band deliver a punchy track that has placed the emphasis strongly on a brilliant hook. There's no screaming here, just Chris Knott's clean vocals – that display impressive range. It is a cracking track and... wait, what's this? At 1:44 it almost sounds like a Reuben song... but regradless, this is a great song, no doubt about it. A straight up rock belter, with above average lyrics as well.

In fact, if anything, second track and B-side, 'The Alibi', is the stronger track, it certainly has another memorable chorus, displays Guy Davis' superlative drumming, and, at just 2:18 really doesn't overstay its welcome at all. 'Broken Bones' is the obligatory acoustic song – not these guys forte, but still decent.

But if the first two tracks are anything to go by, radio-friendly rock stardom may be around the corner.


'Colour By Numbers EP' BY Freeze The Atlantic is out now on Alcopop Records.

Freeze The Atlantic on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

Nick Robbins

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