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Album Review: Radicus - The Bigger Noise

Radicus’ new mini-album is packed with a furious speed that reminded why I’m such a fan of bands like Rise Against, certainly the punk-laced riffs of opener ‘Family Fortunes’ are reminiscent of McIlrath and co’s work in several ways, the pace of the music reminiscent of that punk-influenced band of rogues.

The level of skill in the drum work is very evident; the changing tempos are thrashed with ease and the fills, as well as turning up in exactly the right places, are executed in a very polished fashion. Turnell is obviously extremely well practiced, the gatling gun in this quintet’s arsenal.

‘My Legacy’ brings up my weakness, backing vocals, providing a beautiful backdrop to the intense cries of the band’s vocally harsher side, taking a healthy moment to unleash the fury following Brisbourne’s softer stylings that call back to the dulcet tones of Thrice.

The song that really calls out to me here however, is ‘The Spark II’ which reminds me of Rise Against’s best moments encapsulated into one perfect song, full of spunk and delicately performed yet riveting riffs. The bass backdrop in its bridge is a brilliant compliment to the raw power of the song, the backing vocals, again, are something that always impress, adding unity and harmony to the message of perseverance the song so strongly captures in three minutes and twenty two seconds of gold.

Vocal harmonies make a welcome return in ‘Business As Usual’, providing a glistening surprise upon the introduction of the song, the snare rolls scattered across this tour de force are but icing on the cake to this which messes with time signatures in a way that Frank Zappa himself would have approved of.

‘The Bigger Noise’ as a whole is an impressive effort that shows a promising rising sun on Radicus’ summer horizon, the songs fit together almost as well as the individual band members, and each individual song would be worth praising for its technical prowess alone if it weren’t for the fact that the songs themselves are all anthems in their own right.


'The Bigger Noise' by Radicus is available now through Disconnect Disconnect Records.

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Edward Strickson

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